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KEZI Skin is a black owned lifestyle brand. The ZimBrit founder was raised by her grandfather (khulu) Tafi, a lover of all things living and a philanthropist. Born in Kezi, Zimbabwe in 1906 he devoted his time and life to giving to the less fortunate also creating bus routes from the village to the town. Khulu had shops dotted around the rural areas which gave the locals access to essentials which would have otherwise been much further afield and more difficult to get to.

Khulu empowered and uplifted his community and instilled his love of nature and natural remedies in his family, advocating the need to reach out to one’s roots. He sadly passed away in 2014 at 108 years of age but his legacy continues with the brand KEZI Skin albeit in a different concept, founded by his granddaughter.


The founder is keen to promote clean beauty from a holistic approach inwards and outwards, encompassing body, mind and soul. The founder understands the importance of assisting in community developments to improve quality of life and well-being.


KEZI Skin was born in Africa to be experienced by all, and launched in August 2020. The brand aspires to make a remarkable impression in the beauty industry. Our products are designed to tell a story and engage consumers. The brand is also invested in purchasing basic farming utensils, books to educate children and sanitary appliances to help eradicate period poverty in Kezi.


KEZI Skin is a naturally clean lifestyle brand intended to resonate ancient lifestyle with modern mastery. The brand uses ethical and non-toxic ingredients that create high quality, natural products that are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Our black soap is sourced from Tamale, in northern Ghana, an underdeveloped region with limited economic opportunities. Our suppliers aim to produce high quality products and improve the economic status of rural women through innovative and sustainable employment and education. By trading with these initiatives, we believe KEZi Skin is also working towards these goals


Our teas are sourced from African communities through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership whose goal is to provide consumers with a transparent perspective on where tea is grown and manufactured. The primary focus of the ETP is the quality of life, social and environmental aspects of the tea trade meaning that those living and working on tea estates receive fair compensation, health coverage, housing and childcare.


KEZI Skin bolsters existing initiatives in deprived communities surpassing cultural and linguistic borders and limitations. Our products are ethically sourced and produced from across the globe. We continue where Khulu left off, inspired to empower communities with Africa being at heart.

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